Viagra and general health

Viagra and general health

There has been a great progress in the area of men’s health especially in treating various conditions like impotence. Viagra meds, of cource, played a crucial-role in this. Previously believed to be a matter of age, today erectile dysfunction is seen in a completely different league of conditions that can be effectively prevented and even inversed. All thanks to the body of data obtained from the numerous studies and experiments that were inspired by the success of Viagra. And as now specialists realize, erectile dysfunction is a matter of general health that can be prevented by keeping one’s health condition at a good level.Frankly speaking, erectile dysfunction isn’t a health condition on its own. It is not a disease conditioned by certain factors or provoked by specific agents that target certain areas of the body.

viagra health
viagra health

Erectile dysfunction never appears on its own and is always associated with another health condition that targets specific bodily systems that are responsible for the quality of erections experienced by the patient. To put it simply, male impotence is a symptom not a problem that requires a separate solution. And it took years of research for doctors to realize that.In order to understand why it is so, we’ll have to understand the mechanism of erection first. There are two main components involved in the process: the nervous and the cardiovascular system. First, the brain is sexually stimulated by the means of sensory impulses or own imagination, which leads to sexual arousal. Then the nervous system transmits signals from the brain through the spine to the penile area, where the erection is formed. Once the signals reach the penile area the blood vessels start pumping the blood into the penile shaft to create a strong erection. That’s how erection works. It is a surprisingly complex process, which you don’t even pay attention to, and if there’s something wrong with any of the elements involved in the process it all will go wrong.The most vulnerable element of the scheme is the cardiovascular system, namely the blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis. There are many common health conditions that can deteriorate blood vessels and cause less blood to be delivered to where it’s needed. Conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, alcoholism, low physical activity, obesity and others are rather common these days. And these are the primary causes for erectile dysfunction to take place.

The more severe is the condition the lower is the quality of erections experienced by the patient. And it’s logic that if you prevent or manage these health problems you might be very well off without Viagra for a very long time. So if you start experiencing unsatisfactory erections, ask yourself when was the last time you had a complete medical checkup? Erectile dysfunction never comes on its own, so it’s a sign that there’s something more serious to look out for. If you want to remain sexually active for a long period of time without the aid of drugs like Viagra then keep your general health under control and take all the measures necessary to prevent serious health conditions.

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Top 3 Viagra Myths

Top 3 Viagra Myths

Viagra may help men in their sexual problems. Here there are three myths that are often associated-with Viagra prices.


Men age Matters
Many men think that the medication is only for old men. However, erectile dysfunction commonly begins during midlife and many men that age can benefit from medicines for treatment. It is highly effective for men of all ages and should be discussed with your doctor as a part of your treatment plan. While the majority of men who suffer from ED are in their sixties and seventies, statistics show that men as young as 40 may also have problems. In fact, 40% of that age group are diagnosed with ED. This is the time to begin treatment, which may include prescription medications.

Health Problems
Another common myth is that anyone with any type of health problem cannot take Viagra. While it is always an important part of your conversation with your doctor to inform him of your medical history, many people with health issues can still benefit from the drug. In fact, you may find that some of your other health problems are the cause for the ED meds. Medication is usually a safe way to treat this part of the problem while you are dealing with the main cause. Certain heart conditions can prevent you from taking the medication along with some blood pressure medicines and Nitrate drugs. If you are concerned, you can talk to your doctor or a pharmacist to determine if you are a candidate for the medicine. It is Not a treatment.

Cure erectile dysfunction
Another myth about Viagra is that it can cure erectile dysfunction. The medicine itself is not a cure, but a method of treating the symptoms. It can help you live a normal life while you are determining the cause and cure for the real problem. Often, the cause cannot be determined or the ED may be permanent. This may require long-term use of the medication. While it will continue to work for you and allow you to live a more normal life, it will not cure the disease that causes the problems. Once you have discovered the reason behind the ED, treatment can begin if a cure is expected. Once the underlying condition has been treated and you are back to normal, you will find that you no longer need the medication to help you with your intimate moments. Viagra can help you lead a normal life and be intimate with your loved one even if you suffer from ED. However, the many myths surrounding the drug can prevent you from taking the medicine or even suggesting it to your doctor. Take the time to separate the facts from the myths and learn how the drug can help you.

Taking Viagra

Taking Viagra Safely: Who is at Risk?

Viagra, the drug that treats different forms of erectile dysfunction, (ED) has been prescribed millions of times since its introduction in the late 1990’s. Since then, it has been used all over the world to help men have more satisfying sex lives, boost their confidence, and in general improve their quality of life. While Viagra can have positive results on the lives of men who have problems with ED, it should only be taken under the care and supervision of a doctor because other pre-existing conditions could put them at risk for serious side effects.

viagra ed

Viagra is usually prescribed after a visit with a doctor, but there have been instances of the drug being obtained in other ways. However, no one should ever take another person’s Viagra without knowing how it will affect them. Depending on a man’s individual health, taking this medication without understanding the risks can cause blood pressure problems, increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and in some cases, these side effects can be fatal. Men who take Viagra and who also take illegal drugs are at even greater risk for negative side effects, as the combination of both drugs can cause problems that are extremely harmful and can cause permanent damage.

While talking about ED problems can be embarrassing and the main reason that most men try to obtain Viagra through other means, talking to a doctor is the best way to ensure that they are taking the medication safely. When taken under the guidance of a doctor, this drug can greatly improve one’s sex life and boost confidence in the bedroom; however, there is a greater reward, and that is to know that there will be no harmful side effects. Before a doctor prescribes Viagra, he or she will perform a complete physical and talk about the patient’s medical history, especially any pre-existing conditions, that might cause any problems. While the drug can help those with ED, there are men who have certain health problems who should not take it. Before a doctor prescribes this ED drug, he or she will assess whether or not anyone who wants to take it is healthy enough to have sex.

The overall condition of the heart is especially important. There are some conditions under which some men should not take the drug at all, and these include men who take medication for blood pressure and chest pain. In most cases, men who are already taking other medications and have medical issues are at the highest risk for negative side effects and will not be issued a prescription. Men who are denied a prescription should never try to get it through other means, as this could lead to highly dangerous medical reactions.Viagra has been approved by the FDA to treat ED, but even though it has been proven effective, it can only be taken safely under the guidance of a doctor. In order to understand the risks and side effects associated with the drug, individuals should make an appointment to discuss it with their doctor.