6 Common Factors That Hinders Proper Nutrition Among Seniors

There are many reasons why seniors fail to get the proper nutrition they needs to stay healthy and strong. It is true among the elderly who live alone and hates the idea of going to a senior home. It is our responsibility as their family to make sure they receive proper nutrition. But what can one do if you can no longer care for your aging parent due to your busy schedule?

Thankfully, there are lots of houston home health care options available. By hiring a primary caregiver to assist your aging parent, you can be sure that they’re taken care of even without your presence. But what causes improper nutrition among seniors anyway? 

Dental Issues

It can be hard to eat your favorite food if you have painful mouth sores, receding gums, missing teeth, and even jaw pain. These dental issues can make chewing and eating uncomfortable for seniors – painful even. Due to these dental issues, some seniors lose their appetite, thus stopping them from eating the right amounts of food to keep them healthy and strong.


Seniors are prone to depression because of many factors. For one, they can no longer do the things they can easily do when they were younger. It includes traveling and driving themselves to places, run errands, go out with friends and family, and other habits and activities they enjoy doing before. Their loved ones moving away as well as people they love dying can take a toll on their fragile heart. All these can cause depression, thus prompting them to skip eating their meals, opt not to exercise and even failing to drink their prescribed medications.

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Physical Difficulty

We go weaker as we age. This situation is especially true with seniors who also have to deal with different types of conditions such as arthritis and blindness. Because of physical difficulty, many seniors fail to eat a proper diet. They even have a hard time doing grocery shopping and cooking their meals. Even simple meal prep can be hard them, making them lose their interest in food.

Medication Side Effects

Many seniors have tons of prescription drugs to take. The thing is, certain medications can cause side effects to happen, especially when taken for an extended period. In this case,  the side effects of their medications can be the cause of why their appetite is reduced.

Decreased Sensitivity

Aging can decrease your ability to smell foods, which plays a vital role in enticing people to eat food. Reduced sensitivity in taste can also stop your aging parent from eating their favorite foods, and eating the amount they need to eat. Also, when their touch and tongue are no longer sensitive to heat or cold, they may find their favorite treats to be no longer appealing.

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Financial Issues

Some seniors can no longer support their basic needs due to lack of finances. This is especially true if their pension and savings are not enough to support their everyday needs. What seniors would do is to try to compensate by cutting down their budget for food, opting for less nutritious but cheaper food alternatives.

Even if you’re not there to make sure they eat the right types of food at the right amount, you can rely on the services of a houston home health care to deliver you aging parent’s needs. Visit us for more info and senior care options for your loved one.