Immensely powerful impacts of Danabol DS

Danabol DS is a popular anabolic steroid which is also listed as DBol, Dianabol or Methandrostenolone. This compound was first invented by Dr. Ziegler and was released by Ciba, a pharmaceutical company in the year 1958. It is commonly referred by bodybuilders as DBol and has the ability to increase muscle mass considerably and rapidly. This steroid has an active ingredient known as Methandrostenolone that promotes muscle production, enhances strength and reduces fat in a short span of time. Bodybuilders who take this drug add 2-4 pounds of weight in a week. When it is combined with a proper diet and exercise, it adds great strength.

This muscle building steroid has both androgenic and anabolic properties. The anabolic character enhances nitrogen retention that results in muscle production. It improves the quality of sleep and reduces fatigue due to its ability to develop RNA synthesis in strenuous workouts. Furthermore, it reduces the catabolic stress that enables a user to perform well and recover quickly after vigorous training. This compound was developed especially for the athletes to increase their athletic performance. Though doctors prescribe it for medical reasons, it is still widespread among athletes for its ability to enhance lean body mass. Real Danabol tablets or pills are also sold as steroizi danabol ds albastru deschis.

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Cycles and Dosages

For the individuals who take a daily dosage of 30-50mg, the cycle is between 4-6 weeks. For the beginners, it is recommended to take a daily dosage of 30-40mg to derive the best results, gain muscle strength and mass. Experienced users may opt for a higher dose. The average dosage of an experienced user rarely goes above 70-80mg daily. Users who are sensitive may go for a low dosage with a six-week cycle while those who look for quick results opt for a higher dosage in a short cycle. A classic cycle lasts for 3-6 weeks and the results become apparent by the 4th week.

The dosage should be taken daily and combined with an injectable. Males may use testosterone while women may combine with Deca. By combining with other steroids, the results can be quite effective. A beginner dosage depends on the goal that needs to be accomplished. First-time users are recommended a starting dose of 20mg for a minimum duration of 6 weeks. A bodybuilder should begin with a daily dosage of 50mg in 3-4 weeks cycle. If desired results are not achieved with 50mg dose then the dosage can be increased slightly on a doctor’s prescription.

Buying this medication

This anabolic steroid is compared with other popular steroids like Anavar, Winstrol and Anadrol regarding its bulking ability. It is one of the most effective steroids that are easily obtainable and widely used. The price of the steroid is also relatively cheaper. If this drug is used responsibly following the recommended dosages and cycles in conjunction with regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, the risks of side effects and long term consequences get reduced. It is also available as steroiziDanabol DSalbastrudeschis, one of the first developed steroids to be around for many decades. There is sufficient data on this substance suggesting its benefits on your body.