Planning A Cycle For Strength Gain

Planning for a steroid cycle is to know and implement when and how, to take the anabolic steroids in the first concern of safety. A well execution of some important key points discussed further will definitely yield a good strength and physique.


At the age when having genetic potential, is the best time for starting the steroid cycle. Before the age of 25, it is unfit for the person to develop the strength gain through steroid dosage because the levels of hormones will rise steadily from 15 to 25 years of age which are absolutely sufficient to gain muscle and strength by workouts. And beyond 25, there will be unsteady hormone levels in the body. To balance these levels, steroids comes into play. So make sure that the age for using the steroids is accurate and harmless. How to plan a steroid cycle for strength?


Long use of steroids may become the root cause of many diseases. As this causes the downfall of good cholesterol levels and leads to heart attack. Therefore usage of steroids should be in a limited manner. Preferably steroid cycles should not be more than 4 weeks and should follow along with off-cycles.

There will also be a severe affect on the own production of hormones and enzymes in the body with prolonged usage of steroid cycle.

Start with a minimum dosage cycles and then improve the levels of dosage. This will yield best results in strength gains.


Until unless required, it is always safe to avoid stacking of two anabolic steroids. Stacking is a way to combine the usage of two steroids at a time which increases the growth and strength but also increases the stress on the body and will also have side effects.


At initial stages of body-building, it is best to avoid steroid cycles upto a minimum number of years. And to follow the cycles if further more development is necessary. But should make sure to undergo a full body checkup and assure a perfect health condition.

Steps to be followed to start a STEROIDCYCLE

It is always necessary to realize and remember the need of using the steroids for a particular purpose only.

Then choosing the type of steroid you need to use and start with a simple cycles.

Starting with testosterones and follow by the method of injections but not by oral steroids.

Following proper nutrition and workouts. Only then the steroids are going to work for the expected outcomes.

Schedule for a first time steroid cycle users is mentioned below:

  • For the first twelve weeks it is required to take Cypionate of quantity 250-500mg every week.
  • Following this with a two week off-cycle period during which no anabolic steroids should be consumed.
  • For the next two weeks it is required to take Nolvadex 40mg each day.
  • Later two weeks following with Nolvadex 20mg each day.

This is a typical cycle for beginners. And to be followed only these type of low dosage cycles initially. Later on one can jump to advanced steroid cycle dosage.