What are the Essential Oils for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic dysfunction, which causes the blood glucose level of an individual to go up and stay high, compared to others. This may be due to the improper secretion of insulin or rejecting the produced insulin in the blood. Due to this, the blood glucose that has been produced after we have our meal, will not be distributed properly to the cells in the body and remains in the blood. This causes the blood glucose to increase, as a result of which individual’s face problems like frequent urination, sudden weight loss, abnormal thirst, kidney failure, eye problems and heart diseases.

There are two types of diabetes, namely Type I and Type II diabetes. People who are affected by this type of diabetes are young people, since the pancreatic cells, which produces insulin are destroyed and low blood glucose becomes difficult to maintain. The other type, which occurs in adulthood, is where the body cells are damaged and makes it difficult to absorb the insulin produced. This is more common compared to Type I diabetes. Since this should be treated at the right time, it can be cured with the help of aromatherapy compared to foreign medicines.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the essential oils available for treating Diabetes, since essential oils are said to promote a low blood glucose level, since it is directly absorbed in the blood through your nostrils.

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Types of Essential Oils and it Uses:

Essential Oils Uses
Coriander Promotes low blood glucose, by increasing secretion of insulin in pancreas
Cinnamon Reduces glucose and cholesterol in body. Balances blood sugar levels. Considered as natural immune booster
Clove Balances Insulin level. Helps in reducing glucose level in type II diabetic patients
Lemon Can ease tension and stress caused due to diabetes
Clary Sage Rectifies renal disorders in diabetic patients
Ocotea When consumed as tea, balances blood sugar level
Vetiver Provides soothing and relaxing feeling to muscles, when used as massage oil
Myrrh Controls blood sugar level and supports immune system
Ylang Ylang Reduces Stress and Anger. Known to reduce hyper tension and blood pressure
Cypress Regularizes blood circulation in body, a common problem in Type 2 diabetic patient
Fenugreek Increases insulin sensitivity in body
Citrus Supports Visual system and acts as natural antioxidants
Black Pepper Controls hypertension and type II diabetes
Lavendar Reducing blood glucose level

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