Why Jungian Psychology? Choosing a Psychotherapist and Psychotherapy

When it comes to choosing a Jungian psychotherapist and type of psychotherapy one has to be very careful because it’s a very delicate decision. Even though choosing a psychotherapist and type of psychotherapy might seem like an easy thing to do especially when you consider the fact that they are a lot of psychotherapist who’s candor and amiable personality might convince you that they are the right choice. But the reality is, finding the right psychotherapist for you and your special case is not entirely easy.

In addition, you might also be faced with another problem of finding the ideal type of psychotherapy for your special case. That is bearing in mind that lately there are a lot of swift and cheap treatment for individuals with different psychological problem. Another important fact lies in the fact that all the licensed mental health providers are certified.

Notably also is the fact that, with the introduction of a new standard of practice called evidence based care, it really does not matter who provides care as long as the  “so called” evidence-based treatment is provided by the practitioner. This form of care is intrinsically based on research that stipulates what works best for the patient. But in theory the idea might seem good but when applied into our day-to-day practices of mental care, it makes no valid sense.

Usually when mental care is involved, we all expect the best treatment and care obtainable which involves having standard procedures which are backed by researches that are carried out professionally and whose result are also certified.

But always remember that, in mental health care there always room for uncertainties. It is a whole new field that involves certain degrees of what works and what doesn’t work and this is because there are various personalities in the human nature, so coming up with one “evidence-based approach” that applies to all the same DSM-based diagnosis is often termed illogical. Usually a certain psychotherapy type and procedure that produced a fabulous result for patient “A” might turn out to be disastrous when applied to patient “B”. So this means that, there are various psychotherapy for different patients according to their personal disposition. In fact in the world of psychotherapy, there is nothing like the right “formula” and this also applies to cases that have the same diagnosis.

Considering the above explanation, it is quite imperative that one chooses the right psychotherapist and type of psychotherapy that will be effective in his or her special case. The Jungian psychotherapy lays great emphasis on the special personalities of each individual that comes for therapy. By laying emphasis, the patient’s special, and innate imagery acts as a guide for his or her psychotherapy. With the patient’s unconscious proponents like dreams, his every day fantasies, relationships and present conditions the psychotherapist gets a good read on the client’s case and offers his utmost professional help to the client.