Winstrol – the best cutting cycle supplement

Winstrol is an anabolic supplement generically known as Stanozolol. This is used to treat angioedema that causes swelling on the face, throat, bowel wall, genital and extremities. Since it has the ability to increase red blood cells, it is effective in treating anemia. Muscle cramps will be reduced because Winstrol reduces the production of lactic acid. Winstrol does not turn into estrogenic and it is non-progestogenic. Winstrol usage is quite a legal activity with a prescription. This schedule IV drug can be purchased with a prescription.

Legal status of Winstrol

Due to its therapeutic usage to treat osteoporosis, slow development in children and post surgery trauma, it has been legalized. However, its anabolic and tissue-building effects became widely popular among athletes, bodybuilders. Winstrol is generally used in cutting cycles and help to develop lean muscle mass endurance. By the reason, most of the athletes use Winstrol to boost their stamina and attain strength to compete at higher levels.

Stanozolol is the chemical active ingredient in Winstrol approved by FDA for the human usage. This has been approved only for the therapeutic purpose and for other purposes it has been strictly banned in Canada, Australia, and the United States. The drug is banned due to the misuse of athletes and bodybuilders for performance enhancement. Nevertheless, there are many legal alternatives to Winstrol allowed in the said countries for usage.

What does it do?

Winstrol increases nitrogen retention, stimulates metabolic activity, enhances protein synthesis, improves vascularity, burns fat, speed up agility and lowers SHGB. That’s why most of the bodybuilders are impressed to use Winstrol. If you suffer from breast, prostate cancer, and high levels of calcium in your blood then abstain from Winstrol. It is available in two forms as oral pills and injection.

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Winstrol side effects:

It is not necessary to experience all side effects by all users. However, there are some common side effects of Winstrol noticed as fatigue, light colored stool, dark colored urine, nausea, vomiting, yellowish skin coloration and eye color, hair loss, acne, abdominal pain. The symptoms will go off once the pill is discontinued. Virilization problems such as deep voice, excessive hair growth, and the menstrual problem may be possible in women, but they would be less due to its low androgenic rating. Like other anabolic supplements, Winstrol might inhibit the cholesterol production. So, healthy low fatty foods should be taken. If the side effects are unbearable legal alternatives to Winstrol such as Winsol can be used by the users.

The benefits and side effects of Winstrol change among men and women. Men can opt for greater dosage due to their natural testosterone production. Generally, 6-8 weeks is preferred to gain the performance and then rest the body. Liver stress and cholesterol are main concerns which are to be discussed with the physician before measuring your dose. For women, 4 weeks Winstrol cycle is enough to avoid virilization effects. Winstrol is commonly stacked with testosterone, equipoise, and deca-Durabolin. Using proper doses, cycle, stacking will help to avoid dangerous side effects.