All You Need To Know About Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction)

When a man is not very capable to have the proper erection during sex then the condition is very dire and knows as the erectile dysfunction. It is a common problem but not inevitable but by the proper treatment and the proper diet plan one can overcome from this dire condition. But many times it is seen that people get hesitate in discussing all it to the family or the doctors, but it’s very wrong to hide it as it can directly affect to one’s life and relationships with the partner.

One should address this problem openly to have the effective management care to make it all cured. Cialis and Viagra-like medicines in the markets are easily available and are all for this problem. Doctors prescribe this and one should always be serious about using these drugs and all the advice given by the doctors. Never go for the medicines by your own doctor prescribe according to the intensity and the cause of the disease.

Mechanism– when we come to the structure of the penis there are two cylinder-shaped chambers called the corpora cavernosa and these are running towards the penis. These chambers contain the arteries that are responsible for the blood flow in the penis. When there is any kind of sexual sensation like mentally or physically our brain sends the message to the nerves of the penis.

When the penis gets extent blood flow it gets erects and hard and thus achieves the erection. When these blood vessels fail to give the proper blood flow towards the penis then there is lack of erection and the man suffers from this disease known as erectile dysfunction.

Causes– there can be many causes of erectile dysfunction. The psychological factor is considered the most common causes of it, and here are some of the causes underlying.

  • Neurological Disorder– When a man wants the erection then there should be a healthy nervous system to hold it. When the nerves get affected because of any reason leads to the erectile dysfunction.
  • Diabetes– Person suffering from the diabetes mellitus then due to excessive sugar level there is a chance of having this erectile dysfunction. Because of diabetes, there are chances of the nerve damage and these results in the tough erection.
  • Lifestyle– What you eat what to drink and what you feel all effects the body. It’s all your choice to cure or to increase the risk of it. Smoking, drinking and drug abuse are some of the things included in the lifestyle that affects the body and increase the risk of having erectile dysfunction. A person should avoid depression, stress, and anxiety-like problems also.
  • Surgery– Person above than the 50 of age is more on risk after surgery. When the person has the enlarged prostate or the prostate cancer are more on the risk of having surgeries and this results in damage of the penis that tends to have the erectile dysfunction.