Eat your way to perfect six pack abs

Well sculpted six pack abs is the latest craze in the fitness world. A muscular body was in fashion since decades but this trend of abs appeared in the past few years and since then, the world is drooling over it. Abs is actually amuscular sheet extending from ribcage to pubic bone. By time, the flab is deposited on them. So the abs building exercises focus on this whole area, leading to fat removal and popping up of abs. Six pack ups require a steady combination of a strict protein diet and a precise workout.

Diet to follow

Six pack abs can be achieved by following some basic fitness rules, like eating a healthy well balanced diet, doing smarter exact exercises, taking ample rest and escaping overtraining.A perfect meal plays a very major role in six pack building. One must eat many small meals at regular intervals as it aids in fat loss. Diet for six pack abs includes

  • Water- keeping your body hydrated helps in body fats burning and regulates the metabolic processes.
  • Proteins- these are the major constituent of this meal plan as they stimulate muscle growth and increase energy production in the body. So, eggs, fish, yoghurt, chicken etc. must be eaten.
  • Fruits and vegetables- they help in easy recovery of muscles because of its high mineral and vitamin content.
  • Carbohydrates- these are main sources of energy, so oats, brown rice must be eaten.
  • Milk – fat free skimmed milk is the more healthy option.
  • Good fats- it must be limited to few grams per meal. Flaxseeds, olive oil, nuts, etc. are healthy.

Abs building made easy for vegetarians

It is a myth that mainly non- vegetarian diet is required for six pack abs. A fully vegetarian diet can also carve out the picture-perfect abs, but it must be completely balanced and consisting of all essential ingredients, especially proteins. Classically, vegetarian diets are low in protein because they don’t involve meats and fishes. So, to get high protein, vegetarians must eat other substitutes like tofu, lentils, cereals, etc.  Good protein for vegetariansa comprises of food products like-

  • Green vegetables- Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus
  • Quinoa- it is an excellent protein,carbohydrate and fibre source
  • Oatmeal- it is low fat product, acclaimed worldwide
  • Protein shakes- atleast one glass of it must be added in the diet daily.
  • Olive oil- food must be cooked in olive oil as it is very healthy
  • Flax seeds – rich in omega 3 and antioxidants, it is very important food product
  • Mushrooms- it is exceptional vegetarian food supplement that helps to get six pack abs.

Some other protein rich vegetarian products are nuts (almonds, walnuts), peanut butter, green tea, whole grains, pulses and legumes, berries, etc.

Things to avoid

Besides eating healthy protein diet, some products should be avoided like Alcohol, white rice, melons, caffeine or milk with sugar, pine oil, sweet potatoes, etc. Getting flawless six pack abs takes more than just hard core exercises and proper diet; it requires the ultimate strategy to accomplish the task.