Effective Way to Ease the Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow which is medically known as lateral epicondylitis, is basically a painful condition caused when the tendons in your elbow are overloaded usually due to repetitive motions of the arm and wrist. Though the name may suggest that this condition can be related only with athletes, this is not true. Anyone whose profession demands a similar movement of the arm and wrist may develop this condition. Any repetitive activity that involves gripping with the use of the thumb and the first two of the fingers can lead to tennis elbow. The pain primarily triggers when the tendons of the muscles of forearms get attached to a bump on the outer side of the elbow. The pain can also eventually spread to the wrist and forearm. This pain can pop up at any age but it is most common around the age of 40 years.

Associated symptoms

When we talk of the symptoms of tennis elbow it includes the tenderness and pain in the bony part of the outer side of the elbow. This point is where the injured tendons are attached to the bone. This type of pain can also move to the upper or lower part of the arm. Some of the common scenarios when you would experience maximum pain are while lifting something, grip any object tightly, shake hands, open the door holding the doorknob, straighten your wrist or raise your hand. The condition of tennis elbow is quite similar to that of golfer’s elbow where the tendons on the inner side of the elbow are affected. To ensure a proper diagnosis and tennis elbow treatment NYC you can consider visiting the website of NYDNR (New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation) and take a look at the rich experience they have in treating such conditions.

Probable causes

Tennis elbow is normally caused by the injury of the muscles due to overuse. Usually it is caused by the constant contraction of the muscles of the forearm when you straighten your hand and wrist. Such repeated motions cause stress to the tissue and can lead to a series of minor tears in the tendons that usually attach the muscles of the forearm to the outer side of the elbow. Though playing tennis using a poor technique of repeated backhand stroke is one cause of tennis elbow there are other possible causes like:

    • Regular use of plumbing tools
    • Painting
    • Using screwdrivers
    • Chopping meat or cutting other cooking ingredients
    • Repetitive use of the mouse of a computer

The NYNDR approach

At NYNDR, with their fifteen years of rich experience in treating a lot of orthopedic and sports injuries you will definitely find your tennis elbow treatment NYC. They have reached this success point today by combining conventional treatment with the advanced methodology. Their physicians will guide you regarding the specific form of physical therapy you should opt to ease your condition. At times they also use extra corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) to give you relief from such pain and to regenerate the damaged tissues. It is proven to be one of the most effective ways of treating degeneration.