Factors that make you eligible to take HGH

As you age the secretion of HGH decreases and hence your skin sags, bones become brittle, you experience fatigue at the slightest exertion. If you consume alcohol in huge quantities, smoke a lot, you are into narcotic drugs, don’t consume healthy meals, don’t get enough sleep, well, then your body responds by not secreting enough HGH.

Forms of HGH

Growth hormones medication can in injectables as mentioned or liquid or even powdered form. If the start getting side effects of tendon or joint pains it is better to discontinue the growth hormone cycle.

The factors that make you eligible to take HGH are

  • If you aren’t a heart patient.
  • Don’t have a chronic disease.
  • You are not already taking medication for mental condition
  • You are not allergic to certain medication
  • The amount of HGH production in your body
  • The tolerance level
  • Proper diet, sleep and exercise regimen
  • Regular check ups with doctor
  • Hire a good trainer for optimum results
  • Get the best in the supplements
  • Stack and dosage chart should be maintained

Side effects of HGH

People with blood sugar issues and other blood disorders are not supposed to take HGH supplements as it may drop the sugar levels to dangerous proportions. Constant intake of HGH may lead to carpel syndrome.

Dosage of HGH

Lack of growth hormone and the dosage depends on person to person; no particular chart is there which fits all. Here you have to work this out with your doctor before embarking on the HGH supplements journey. The doctor will ensure whether your body is fit for HGH intake or not and know what dosage will be right for you. The dosage will not remain constant as the HGH cycle progresses the dosage tapers. The doctor would have recommended the usage for a particular number of weeks before you have to wean off the drug and take up post cycle therapy to bring back your body to normalcy. The sudden stoppage of the drug may cause withdrawal symptoms hence it is advisable to taper your dosage and then let go. If you experience side effects of the HGH supplements at the beg of the cycle stop the intake and go to your doctor immediately.

Along with the doctor it is also proper to have a dietician at your side who will advise you to take the right kind of food while you are on HGH supplements. This way you will get effective results. Consuming HGH on your own and not having a proper plan in place that too without the consultation of experts will put your health in quandary. As these are life threatening drugs. It is always better to take expert advice or you may end up being sorry for yourself.

The dosage also depends on what kind of body structure you are planning, this will determine whether you would have to take HGH supplements every other day or take this supplements for two weeks take a break for 2-3 weeks a nod resume the cycle.