How to Care for an Elderly Person

Caring for the elderly is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do in your entire life. You not only receive blessings, but you also get the opportunity to benefit from their wisdom. There are things you need to observe if you want to take care of an elderly person effectively.

Keep Him Active

Exercising regularly can protect the elderly from illnesses and reduce their functional age by 10 to 20 years. It can also eliminate the need for care and keep them away from diseases for longer. Older people can do 30 minutes of less intensive exercises. This may include swimming, running, cycling or walking. They can also perform strengthening exercises such as free weights and resistance bands or flexibility exercises like yoga, tai chi and stretching for 20 minutes every day.

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Watch His Health

Make sure your loved one is in the right mental and physical shape. Ensure he takes his medicines as prescribed and contact a doctor whenever there is a problem. Be on the lookout for signs that might indicate sickness. You can watch for weaknesses, unusual memory problems, poor sense of direction and untidiness. Also, look for signs of depressions such as sleep problems, sadness, deep feelings and anger.

Help Him With Driving

Older people have problems with flexibility when driving. Some of them may insist on getting behind the wheel even if it is unsafe to do so. In this case, you can get help from the DMV or your doctor to bar him from driving. You can also use certain tools that assist older people to drive.

Cook for Him

You need to cook for your loved one to ensure he is not malnourished. Most elderly people begin to lose their sense of taste as years go by. You need to take this into consideration when cooking to avoid problems. If you are unable to know what to cook for him, talk to a doctor or nutritionist to get the recommended diet. Most elderly people need to follow a diet with a lower concentration of sodium, fats and calories. There may be other restrictions depending on your loved one’s health.

You should also involve your loved one as much as possible when preparing the meals. Let him tell you what he plans to eat throughout the week and take him to the nearest grocery store to do shopping.

Ask for Help

There are many companies and nonprofit organizations out there who can help your loved one cope with the difficulties associated with old age. One of them, United Energy Workers, provides superior services to individuals with home health care EEOICPA. You need to choose a home care services provider who has the right equipment and staff to ensure your loved one stays healthy and comfortable. You should also ensure the provider is licensed and Medicare-certified.

Respect Him

Make sure you accord your loved one a lot of respect. Though he might be old, he still has strong emotions that need to be handled well.