Solution for hair loss for both men and women

A development and research team created by Hong Kong Sanlida International Healthcare Company with experts from many institution of Chinese medicine have worked hard for many years and achieved in fundamental theoretical research,  has able to make sided technical innovation on first-generation, conventional, products for renewal of hair growth and hair loss. The raw material used in these products are traditional Chinese herbs like lingusticum wallichii, Chinese angelica, tuber of multi flower knotweed, saffron crocus, fruit of Chinese wolfberry and natural ginseng. Essences of medicinal herbs are secured by contemporary supercritical CO2 extraction technology. This can be said that CO2 is a supercritical state instead of chemical solvent, used as extraction medium, with chosen extraction of essence of medical herbs, carried by appropriate change of temperature and pressure. The ingredients which are most preferable to hair growth, obtained by EVERGREEN hair regenerator, which is the best hair loss treatment for women and hair loss treatment for men, with positive results and no side effects.

With the help of best hair loss product, the EVERGREEN hair regenerator hair loss stops within 5 days. New hair grows within 15 days which is colorless, odor-less and natural. You just need to spray EVERGREEN nearly 2 times a day. Men’s hair loss is a vital problem for men, but this product will surely help you to regain the old confidence and look. It is also the best treatment for hair loss in women.

The EVERGREEN contains huge amount of biological active ingredients which will help you to upgrade the role of capillaries in blood circulation and help in the betterment of physiological functions of mucous membranes. They will act directly on the scalp where there is a disorder in structural parts of follicles such as capillaries, the hair papillae, the nerve system, the sebum section channels and pigment conversion cells, which undergoes a cleanup and a comprehensive repair or revitalization of nourishment. The hair follicles enabled to participate in systemic circulation of organism and absorb nourishment from surrounding scalp and regulate environment for growth. Chinese medicine is ingested for conditioning hair growth through improvement of health. The effect is effective very soon after the application. You can observe the effect within a week and new hair will start growing soon after the hair loss stops.

EVERGREEN hair regenerator appeared in the market of Hong Kong and various regions of America and Europe in 2007. It has been used for the treatment of thousands of cases of alopecia, with a ratio of success of 90%. It has won the trust of thousand patients of hair loss for its distinguishing features of greater speed of showing results, decency and gentleness of smell, absence of any color and greater rate of success. It has rightfully earned the reputation of the best medical product for hair loss and renewal of growth of hair.

The EVERGREEN for male has therapeutic effect for alopecia areata, seborrheic alopecia and alopecia of mixed type. The EVERGREEN for women is made with extracts of ten Chinese medicinal herbs selectively chosen from hundreds of native herbs of Yunnan Province. These herbs are extracted through biological process to produce the ingredients of EVERGREEN products for female. It has a great therapeutic effect for curing women hair loss without any side effects on endows hair and skin with elasticity, luster and luxuriance that mainly women will be proud of.

Method of application:

  1. Two times daily of 1 to 2 ml, which might increase or decrease accordingly.
  2. The scalp and the hair should be dry before the application. It should be applied only at the bald spot.
  3. Each contains about 100 ml of lotion, best to be used without any intermission.

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