ValueMags Considering Giving Eve Ensler the Magazine Spotlight

Despite her international success, ValueMags believes that Eve Ensler cannot get enough recognition for her international efforts to help girls and women. The magazine marketing company is becoming more and more concerned with with international rights and educating their magazine readers. Eve Ensler’s mission is to break the wall of ignorance and awkwardness when talking about and educating themselves about women’s sexuality. That ignorance, especially when discussing the state of a woman’s bodies has allowed for the lack of discussing about surrounding issues such as rape, abuse (sexual, physical, and mental), sex, power, and other issues concerning women.

With Ensler’s movement, ValueMags thinks that she has restored happiness within herself and within other women. Her principles of happiness include the following: 1) seeing what is right in front of you; 2) serving others; and 3) going with the wave of momentum. The vagina is at the center of the woman’s body and is at the center of the world yet it is the least discusses subject internationally. As a result of seeing what was right in front of her, Ensler used her realization to help other women express their experiences with their sexuality. Once her response rate grew dramatically, it made her even more happy to ride that wave of momentum.

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Although some may believe that Eve Ensler’s humor is inappropriate, ValueMags think it opens makes the discussion more accessible. She uses it carefully. When talking about rape culture, she has a more serious tone therefore is aware of intensity of her discussion. Understanding of the awkwardness of the topics she has pursued her life to discuss with other women, she uses humor to her advantage. Humor is an effective device to break the ice, especially with strangers. The use of humor makes the discussion more palatable to resistant individuals which can reach a greater audience. Awareness is about making people actively listen and acknowledge. Humor is an effective hook to gain her desired target audience’s attention believes ValueMags. For information about other important international issues, consider some of ValueMags’ other magazines by visiting the link provided above.