ValueMags offers magazines about animals

Recently, ValueMags acquired a new partnership with a publisher that offers magazines about animals. One of the biggest topics in the media is about animal rights and moral responsibility to animals. Among the many reasons why ValueMags wants to push this new magazine is because they genuinely believe in animal rights. Putting their job aside for a couple of seconds, ValueMags believes that the United States should adopt the same position as the European Union in relation to animal rights: ban battery farming. Here are a variety of reasons why banning battery farming is morally essential as a free nation:

  1. Violating animal rights – animals are living species that humans communicate best with. Therefore, we can understand when they are in pain, unhealthy, or happy. This understanding allows use to further understand that if we were in their position, they pain inflicted by us would be violating human rights.
  2. Morality and virtue ethics – although individuals are not directly participating in animal abuse, ignorance is a form of participation. Banning battery farming and actively participating/educating others will further morality and develop character through virtuous action.
  3. The eggs go bad anyways (in relation to chicken battery farming) – Many of the eggs and other produce that are sold from animals are not all bought. Unfortunately, this produce has an expiration date which defies the purpose of the animal’s cycle in the industry because humans don’t even end up consuming the product. Banning battery farming will reduce the amount of produce available, saving farmers/grocers lost/old produce and inflicting conscious purchasing decisions on consumers as it will likely drive up prices (avoid waste – only eat what we need).

ValueMags believes that as a nation, there are much better things we can do to protect other species. This will not only sustain the planet but it will bring the United States together. For more information about interesting topics the magazine marketing company cares about, follow the link above to their new website.