Variation of Kratom Strains and Its Effects – Choose the Right Dose

The tree that has got magic in its leaves is named Kratom and these trees are mostly found in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The botanical name of this tree is MitragynaSpeciosa and it has got a lot of qualities on the human body that benefits different human ailments. One of the most interesting works that this leaves do is to bring in a sense of happiness or euphoria for you. Many people are not aware of the actual dose that will give this effect and takes Kratom more than once. This makes the dose high and one ends up with a sedative effect.

Opiate agonist for euphoria

The human body has got three different types of receptors of opiate – namely the mu, delta and kappa. These cause attachment to opiates and hence bring excitatory changes within the body. These receptors bind with opioid agonist, a drug, to give the feeling of intake of an opiate. There are feelings of peace from any pain and a high euphoria for rushing of endorphin. They are the same as when one takes opiates. The best kraton acts as an opiate agonist and gives your body the same euphoric feeling. These help in taking someone off from the influence of opiates and thus become helpful to the society.

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Feeling of wellbeing and less pain

There are some kratom strains that help in release of serotonin in the body. This is released from neuromuscular points. This helps in bringing a feeling of wellbeing. There are other kratoms that helps activate the sympathetic system in the body and thus works as analgesic for the body and its various pains. There are red vein Kratom that are found in Bali, Red Vein Indo Kratom and Maeng Da kratom and these works as opiate agonist that activates the receptors within the body. The Red Bali Kratom is another form that causes euphoria by binding with the receptors and it gives a high similar to taking of opium.

Proper dose and benefits

When you are taking Kratom, you should know the proper dose for the particular effect. You must know that the dose is different for different strains of the leaves and you should have that knowledge so that the dose does not only sedate you without bringing in other benefits. When you are interested in its effect as a stimulant, you must go for a lower dose. As you increase the dose, you will get more sedation and less energy. It is also true that once you get used to the lower dose, you will have to take to higher intake quantity for it to become effective.

Ways for intake

You must find it easy to take Kratom in quickest way. Place the right quantity of powder in a spoon or a small container and then toss into the mouth. Swirl it and swallow directly. You can also make tea and take this magical potion. Boil the powder in water and then let it cool down. Strain the liquid and drink it hot or cool it. Some people add this powder in yogurt and then take it. This hides the taste of the powerful powder. There are still others who take Kratom capsules or take the powder in a shake. Thus you must choose how to take the medication into your system and get the best results from the best kratomstrain that you prefer.