What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Gum Diseases?

You should never neglect your oral health. Not only does it become costly, but it’s quite painful and makes life hard to deal with. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent things like gum disease and detect the early signs and symptoms of gum disease. Knowing what the signs are will help you know what to do and avoid to keep your oral health in check. To help you out, here are some early warning signs of gum disease that you should watch out for, and if you have any of these signs you should visit your dentist to learn more about how to prevent gum disease.

A lot of Plaque

A lot of people are familiar with gingivitis, but people tend to neglect taking care of their teeth and keeping plaque at bay because a lot of plaque build up causes gingivitis. Once a lot of plaque builds up on your gum line and teeth, it can cause your gums to be inflamed thus giving you gingivitis. Regular flossing and brushing can easily keep the plaque at bay.

Gums Easily Bleed

A big sign that you could be getting gum disease is your gums easily bleed. If you brush your teeth with normal pressure and see that you’re spitting out blood or flossing your teeth easily results in bloody floss, you could be getting gum disease.

Gum Recession

If your gums seem to be pulling away from your teeth, you better visit a dentist soon and follow proper dental hygiene regimes. This shows that your gums are getting weak and do not stay in place.

Frequent Bad Breath

Some people may think that they ate too much garlic or have acidity in their stomach that causes bad breath, but that’s not always the case. People with unhealthy gums tend to have stinky gums, therefore they would have foul breath. If you notice that despite regular brushing with unhealthy gums leaves you with constant bad breath, it’s time to visit the dentist.

Pus in the Teeth

If you notice that the gaps in your teeth or your gums have pus, you really need to have your gums checked by a reliable dentist like Reston dentist. This is a sign that your gums have an infection or are inflamed, which is a very big sign of gum disease.

Loose Adult Teeth

Permanent teeth are called that for a reason, they’re supposed to be permanent. If you notice that your teeth are starting to become loose and you’re not 60 years old, you need to watch out. Moving permanent teeth show that your gums aren’t strong enough to hold your teeth in place anymore.

If you are experiencing one or several of the following symptoms of gum disease, you need to visit a trustworthy dentist such as Reston dentist right away. Always follow a regular routine of brushing and flossing your teeth three times a day to keep gum disease at bay. It’s much easier to prevent oral health problems than dealing with them later on.

If you need to bring back that perfect smile or just need a routine cleaning, visit your Reston dentist at SmileZone today. Contact us for more info.