What steroids do in the human body

People are going crazy now-a-days when it comes to work out and body building. Some choose to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly, where as some people choose to take pills and supplements that help in gaining muscle and some go to the extreme of getting a surgery done to remove excess body fat. Though the latter is quite fast and do give satisfactory results, the person might end up in suffering from side effects including kidney problems. It is better not to go in for the last surgery option in case of reducing weight and to maintain a good body shape. It is always better to choose the natural ways of reducing weight. Though they take a long time for the results, they are the best causing zero side effects and it is also good for the body and other organ functions. For example: Running and walking is the basic easy exercise that any person can do, which still gives satisfactory results.

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Running or walking for 30 minutes a day will help in refreshing the body and gives it the energy it needs. The toxins in the body are flushed out and the organs are energized to function effectively. Running improves the immune system thus keeping a check on the antibodies. Likewise, exercise done at home or at gym, helps in gaining muscles and body shape naturally without any pills or surgery. This takes time but it is important to give the body the time it needs to rebuild without affecting it. Eating lots of greens and vegetables with meat and chicken will help in increasing muscle mass. People should be educated on this eating habit as pills and steroids can make the person addicted when used in a long run. There are many steroids available in the market for increasing muscles. These steroids contain the component present in natural male hormone namely testosterone. This hormone helps in increasing muscle mass in males. Steroids manufactured today contain this hormone to gain weight and lean muscle.


Steroids are mainly taken by gym goers who want to look stronger and good. Though they are familiar with the supposed “benefits” of steroids, they are being misinformed about all the side effects that they will have on their body. When Steroids are taken, the body’s naturally produced testosterone balance out of whack, that will result in shrinking of testicles in males. Steroids can also make the person poor in bed. This is because, as the artificial hormone comes into play, the naturally secreting testosterone becomes low thus causing erectile dysfunction. This lasts throughout the life even after they stop using steroids. One such steroid is the Somatropin which consists of 191 amino acids or 192 aa. They differ from each other and is mainly used for body building.


This steroid is safe when compared to all other growth steroids but has a few side effects including disruption of thyroid function. It can also cause out-of-control growth of muscle cells, skeletal cells and cells that form connective tissue. While the 191 amino acids or 192 aa is different, they do impact the health and body.