What To Do After Getting A Spray Tan

Getting a spray tan is an easy and fast way to achieve a beautiful bronze. It is also much safer and a lot less hassle than going to the beach. By now, it is possible that everybody knows that already.

So, you get your spray tan, and you did all the steps in preparation for the procedure.

What now?

Well, the steps to take after getting sprayed is even trickier than preparing for it.

For that, here is a spray tan aftercare guideline to help you glow for longer.

  • Be Mindful Of Your Skin And What You Change Into

Immediately after your tanning session, be more careful with your skin. Ask the salon attendant for a few more minutes in the room to give yourself more time to get dressed. It’s also better for you to come in, or bring a change of loose, comfortable clothes. Wearing tight clothing can rub the developing tan. Also, skip the closed shoes and opt for flip-flops instead.

  • Stay Away From Anything That Will Get You Wet

Well, at least for the first two to four hours after your treatment. Raindrops, sweat, and tears can distort the tan while it’s developing which will result in streaks and unevenness. Bring a hat and an umbrella just in case it starts raining. You might also want to avoid washing your hands or feet until you are ready to shower.

  • Hydrate Your Skin After Showering

Keeping your skin hydrated post-spray is crucial to maintaining a flawless tan. Make sure to moisturize your skin with an oil-free lotion as to not strip the tan.

Take note of how you shower, too. Use lukewarm water and natural products that do not leave residue behind.

  • Consider Getting A Professional Exfoliation For Uneven Tans

Once the color sets in, maintain the tan’s evenness by exfoliating. Doing a light exfoliation will ensure that the tan will fade evenly. Don’t worry; this will not rub the glow away.

However, if you are a bit hesitant to exfoliate yourself, especially if it is your first time, consider talking to a professional. Book an appointment and get an effective chemical peel Brisbane from The Facial Hub to get rid of blotchy stains.

  • Wait A Few Hours Before Using Cosmetics

Wait at least six to eight hours after your tanning session to use any makeup, deodorants, and makeup. Chemical ingredients used in these products may affect the developing of color.

  • Avoid Dips In The Swimming Pool

If you have plans to go swimming after getting a spray tan, be sure to wait up to at least a day or so before you take a dip. The chlorine solution in pools will react to the tanning solution and can result in an uneven fade.

  • Forego Any Acts Of Hair Removal

Hold off from shaving or waxing at least until twelve hours post-treatment. Instead, do it a day or two before you get a spray tan.

  • Consult With A Professional

Lastly, talk to the salon attendant or a professional tanner regarding any concerns you have. It’s better if you can talk to them right after the session so you could focus on the recommended aftercare.

Final Words

It’s easy to achieve and extend a flawless tan as long as you follow the right steps.

To learn more, contact a professional spray tanning salon Brisbane like The Facial Hub and book a consultation.